The Warlord Loop is a by-invitation-only, unclassified email list service where the object is to ventilate crucial national security issues from myriad disciplinary and philosophical perspectives.  From this mandate, opportunities for literary collaboration, research, public speaking, consortia, and social interaction frequently emerge.

Carefully screened and invited members include distinguished military officers (commissioned and non-commissioned, master sergeant through four stars), notable academics, political appointees, influential civil servants, national security-focused journalists, and luminaries from diverse fields of inquiry, from history to law and economics.  

While the Warlord Loop is strictly apolitical, the membership includes liberals, conservatives, Republicans, Democrats, and nonpartisans who touch every point on the public opinion spectrum, from far left to far right. Invitational correspondence advises addressees to read all messages with open minds, because no contributor is always right, and none is always wrong.

Freewheeling exchanges are precipitated by Warlord and membership-sourced topical nominations in strict accord with bylaws that represent "rules of engagement."  Transnational terrorist capabilities and intentions, counterterrorism, counterinsurgency, homeland security, cross-cultural requirements, conflict exit strategies, the intelligence community, national security strategies, the Quadrennial Defense Review, leadership, and military ethics represent typical topics that morph in unpredictable ways.  

Few members have ever voluntarily left the Warlord Loop for any reason. Those who remain praise the priceless insights and collaborative opportunities not obtainable elsewhere.  The Warlord Loop confers the benefits of a graduate education in national security at no cost except time invested.

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